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Fat reduction and Foot reflexology specialest.

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U Creations offers ultrasonic cavitation for fat reduction performed by a highly knowledgeable and certified professional in a warm inviting setting.
Owner Jodi Dowd H.H.P. is certified in ultrasonic cavitation and RF, having performed the treatment on over 300 clients, including her daughter.  She has a solid knowledge of essential oils and a background in the natural health field including nutrition and diet. Jodi holds a Bachelor degree in holistic health, and is currently working on obtaining her PhD in natural medicine at Quantum University. 

Jodi is accredited  with the A.A.D.P. (American Association of Drug-less Practitioners.) As a reflexologist Jodi can help you understand  how to reset your own body balance.   RF60746812
Jodi Has the training and skills needed to help you reach your health and weight-loss goals.  RF 60746812

Jodi understands what it’s like to struggle with your weight.  She herself lost 100 pounds while searching for a healthier lifestyle.  Jodi has helped friends, family and people like you, set and reach weight-loss and health goals.  What if she is the one who can help you set, and achieve your goals for a healthy lifestyle?  She cares enough to make the time you spend  at U Creations, a healthy and happy time for you

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**Because your time is important to us, a missed appointment fee of $45.00 will be charged for missed appointments without 12 hrs notice.